About us

In 2024, Terra Company Habal s.r.o. celebrated its 10th Anniversary of the official establishment. The history of our company dates back to the 90´s.

The Habal brothers, under the lead of their father, a passionate entomologist, began to explore the world of terrarium animals.

What had begun as amateur experimentation in a few terrariums in a child's room, gradually grew into large-scale breeding farms spread across the Pardubice region.

In 2024, our team employed around twenty staff. Over the past years, we have successfully bred a wide range of interesting species, including reptiles such as

Egernia epsisolus, Chameleolis sp., Crotaphytus dickersonae, Gonocephalus chameleontinus, and amphibians such as Megophrys nasuta, Dyscophus antongilii,

Laotriton laoensis, and from the tarantulas of the genus Brachypelma and Poecilotheria, and many others. In addition to maintaining the gene pool of each species,

we also breed animals specifically for terraristic. Based on our experience, we develop and refine supplies for terraristic, including quality food. 

Over the past five years, we have presented at major terra shows in Korea, Japan and the USA. We have established close cooperation with distributors throughout Europe

and have expanded our presence to 15 countries outside the European Union.



This family company was founded on 10.10.2014 by the Habal brothers – Martin, Vít and Jan. The brothers professionally continued their previous life, which was from early

childhood with the terraristic hobby. As small boys, they were always trying to breed and reproduce something. They were fascinated by the diversity of nature.

However, each of them pursued a different field. Martin, the eldest, was most interested in arachnids and insects, Vít in amphibians and Jan, the youngest, in reptiles.

Each of them has had many successes in their breeding careers. It´s not surprising that when they wanted to advance to the next level in terraristic,

they decided to combine all their previous experience in this field and, with the maximum support of their family, to build a facility that corresponds to their ideas

of professional terraristic, which provides maximum comfort for the animals.


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